Assistance to the most vulnerable from the charitable foundations "Kharkov Revival", "Kolo Khata" and the "Waylight" platform.

War causes many psychological injuries in children who are in the war zone:
- direct experience of shelling and missile attacks,
- observing the destruction of houses, injuries and deaths of people around,
- air alarms and blackouts,
- long stay in shelters,
- difficult evacuation...

However, psychological trauma is also experienced by those who did not experience all of the above directly. Moreover, problems do not end after evacuation, when in a safe place. After all, families lose their homes, their usual lives, and some even their loved ones... the whole system of usual family and family relationships suffers critically. Children and adolescents lose their usual social contacts (daily communication with relatives, friends, classmates). In the new living conditions, they do not have the opportunity to continue their favorite hobbies, sports, and art.

The extraordinary volume of losses forms an unprecedented traumatic experience for every Ukrainian child. So, any psycho-emotional problems of children and teenagers during the war is a NORMAL reaction to absolutely abnormal circumstances.

Parents, who are also exposed to stressful factors, do not always have enough resources to support their children, and not everyone has the appropriate skills, because there are many issues, and all of them are extremely complex. Therefore, both children and their parents need help today.

Qualified child and family psychologists on the online platform "Razrada" provide FREE psychological help to children of all ages and their parents.

Our psychologists will help parents:
- find internal resources to support children and adolescents,
- establish communication in difficult life circumstances,
- restore trusting relationships,
- create the most healing possible family environment,
- learn how to respond to the child's problematic behavior, etc.

If the child is younger than 6 years, one of the parents or a legal guardian takes the therapy course.

For children from 6 years of age, the following options are possible:
- One of the parents or a legal guardian is taking the therapy course
- The child takes the therapy course himself (at the age of 6-8 only in the presence of a close adult).

Our psychologists will help children:
- get emotional support,
- discuss your problems and feelings (fear, anxiety, pain from losses), which are difficult to share with parents,
- get advice on adapting to new living conditions and in another city or country,
- to feel emotional supports that you can rely on in life.

Consultations are FREE of charge, the project is charitable and financed thanks to the support of sponsors.

We express our gratitude to our partners - Waylight - Internet of Humans (, who provided a platform for the implementation of the "Consolation" project. Strategic and organizational support was provided by the system consulting agency in medicine "Medcapitalgroup" ( and Olena Chernenko personally.